COVID-19 Update + Risk Assessment

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the health and wellbeing of our members is at the forefront of our minds as we return to playing squash/ racketball. We have followed the England Squash guidance on returning to squash/racketball safely which we would urge every member to read. We have completed a full England Squash recommended CoViD-19 Risk Assessment which is at the bottom of this page.

Below is a summary of the key points which members are required to adhere to when playing at the Hull and East Riding Squash Club:

·         If you or anyone in your household are unwell, even with only mild symptoms, do not come to the club.

·         If you show symptoms after attending the club, please notify Mark Birtles to ensure that the correct Outbreak Procedures are followed.

·         Members must pre-book courts online prior to arrival.

·         To facilitate Track & Trace no guests are allowed and a different member to the booked member must activate the lights. (i.e. No double fobbing)

·         The booking console will not be available or accepting cash, therefore all members must top up before play. For immediate credit, go to and if you are having difficulties, please contact a member of the committee to support you with this. BACS transfers will now also be accepted to: 40-25-20 a/c: 60460648, but may take up to 24 hours to appear on member’s accounts.

·         Members must come in kit ready to play. The changing/shower facilities will be locked with only one toilet (disabled near main entrance) open for use.

·         Members must bring their own water bottle as the drinks fountain is not in use.

·         Ensure that you always adhere to current social distancing guidelines.

·         Take your bag on court with you and put against the front wall under the tin.

·         Don’t wipe your hands on the walls.  Please use your own towel to wipe your hands and avoid touching surfaces where possible.

·         Clean up and wipe down.  Hand sanitisers will be placed outside each court, please use on entering and exiting the court. There will also be cleaning solution for members to use to clean down ALL touched points (door handles, etc)

·         Players should remain on court in between the games and not come off unless for an emergency. This is to reduce the number of people at the back of the courts where social distancing must be maintained.

·         Court bookings have been changed to one hour, however the court lights will only be on for 40 minutes as normal. This is to allow for a ‘rest’ period where no activity will take place and the court must be empty to allow for air re-circulation.

·          The court times will be staggered so courts 1,3,5 will commence on the hour and court 2 and 4 will be on the half hour.

·         Please do not congregate behind the courts after you have played. All seating has been removed, please ensure that after you have played you leave the squash facility and head into the bar or outside.

Due to social distancing measures in place, the way members can play has been adapted and this means that members must adhere to social distancing on court. England Squash have given support on how this can be done and we have summarised below:

Two members from different households (not in a support bubble):

• Modified version of squash/racketball – ‘Sides’ NO FULL COURT GAMES ALLOWED !

• Coach led/supervised activity

Only one player can touch the ball during the whole match !

Members from the same household or support bubble:

• Match play/full game

• Coach led/supervised activity


• Single player (solo) practices

• Coach led/supervised activity

Up to five members from different households:

• Coach led/supervised activities

Only the coach should touch the ball

We would strongly recommend that all members watch the ‘Sides’ video to ensure you understand the full rules prior to commencing your games.

The full return to play rules are also attached to this email.


We have increased our expectations and demands on the cleaning regime to adhere to the England Squash guidance on court cleaning. As explained, it is expected that members will play their part in cleaning the key touch points (door handles, fob reader outside courts). The key touch points will be cleaned regularly through the opening times and the courts will also be cleaned at the beginning of each day in the morning.

We will continue to update our guidance and adjust our Risk Assessments when England Squash or the government make changes which affect the playing of squash/ racketball.


Court 5 is for the sole use of members who are shielding or vulnerable.

Please can all general members book courts 1-4.

What happens if someone breaks the guidelines at our club ?

In the interest of keeping other members and the wider community safe, we will have to take appropriate disciplinary action. This could mean suspension or cancellation of your membership.

All members should be aware that if guidelines are not followed, it may lead to the potential closure of the club.

Members Credit

As members have paid their subs for the 4 months that they have been unable to play we have decided to credit all members with £25. Any member who is willing to forgo this credit should contact Mark Birtles or Fiona Moverley to reinvest the credit back into the club

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to seeing squash & racketball return to Hull and East Riding Squash club.