Courts can be booked on site using the booking console or over the internet using our online booking facility.

Key fob

Key fob

All new members are issued with a fob on joining. Existing members have their fob enabled on renewal of their membership. The fob allows members access to the on site console to book courts and is required to operate the lights. Please ensure you renew your membership when it is due otherwise you will not be able to book any courts or switch on the lights.

You will need to use your fob to gain access to the booking console and add credit to your account before you can book courts or pay for lights. You can top up your account using 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins.

You can also top up your account online using a debit card or credit card, simply select the booking tab in the online booking facility and then select top up your account. Follow the instructions to enter your card details and the amount you wish to top up your account. A small fee is charged for card payments.

booking console

booking console

Full instructions for the booking console can be found on the wall by the console or you can download a copy below to familiarise yourself with the system.

You can also book courts over the internet using our court booking site.

Please use this link to access the booking site.

You will be issued with a username and password which allows you to book courts online and find other members contact details.

You can download instructions for using the online booking system below.

Small control boxes equipped with a fob reader and an LCD display will be installed outside every court, offering members a series of courtside features.

If a court is booked, the LCD display shows the name of the person that has booked it plus the time left for that session. The name of the second person appears when his/her fob is used to activate the lights.

Split Fee Option – This feature allows the court cost to be shared by both players. One member will book the court and pay for half of the court cost in advance. The second player activates the court lights at the time of play by placing his/her fob onto the court side controller. One of the two players must do this or the lights will not turn on.

Extensions – The courtside controllers permit players to extend their game, if the court has not already been booked by someone else, by placing their fob on the fob reader. The lights stay on for an extra 8 minutes and the member is debited pro-rata for the light fee ofr the extension.

Courtside controller

Courtside controller

You should hold the fob on the reader until the display confirms that the fob has been accepted. If you hold it on for longer, you may be charged for two or more extensions. It works best if you make sure the fob is pressing the edge ridge when you press it to the sensor.

If you wish to have more than one extension, take your fob off the reader after the first payment, and then repeat the process.

Please bear in mind this is a major change to the way the booking and lighting system operates at the club and teething problems are to be expected. Please read the instructions before use and be kind to the club volunteers who are responsible for the system – its all new to them too!

Important Notes – Please read to prevent mistakes:-

You must always bring your fob with you. You will need it to book courts on the console and to activate the lights.

If you have booked the court then your opponent should activate the lights.

If your opponent has booked the court then you should activate the lights.

Failure to use the correct fob will results in you being charged an additional guest fee (£3.00 or £3.50).

If you want to play on after the 40 minutes check the courtside controller before attempting to activate the lights. Make sure it says ‘Court Available’. If it is booked and you use your fob you will be charged for the next games 40 minutes of lights. If however the court is available then you will be charged for 8 minutes of lights per use of the fob.

If the court is free and you are the next booking you may use your fob to turn the lights on early to warm up.



If you cancel a court up to 48 hours before the session start you will receive a 100% refund. Cancel a court with less than 48 hours to go and up to 24 hours before the session start and you will receive a 50% refund. No refund is given if you cancel a court with less than 24 hours notice.


Monday to Saturday  charges are £6 off peak (£3.00 to book court and £3.00 light fees) otherwise £7.00 (£3.50 to book and £3.50 light fee).  Sunday charges all day (£2.50 booking fee and £2.50 light fee).

Off peak session start times are Mon-Fri 9.00 am until 4.20 pm on courts 1-3 and Mon-Fri 9.20 am until 4.40 pm on courts 4-5.


Booking Console Instructions

Online Booking Instructions