Hull & District League

The Hull and District League is played largely in the Hull area but there are teams from out lying areas such as Barton, Hornsea, Scarborough etc.

There is a wide range of ability within the divisions. We have nine teams in the divisions. Some teams are mixed as we have ladies of Yorkshire League standard.

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Hull & District League League Teams 2016/17


Division 1


A        Fiona  Moverley (c), Yusef Forster,Matty Craven, James Crowther, Mike Reid.

B        Glyn Saunders (c), Simon Raine-Ellerker, Chris Forrest, Kevin Lorne.

C        Nathan Kaiser, James Crees, David Johnson, Andy Thomson (c).


Division 2

D       Kevin Laughton, Ian Cartwright, Anthony Bennett, Tony Jensen ,Neil McIntyre (c),               Vince Cartwright.

E        Steve Curtis, Simon Smyth, Andy Douglas (c), Ian Scruton,  Pete Mounsor.

F        Alex Dunn, Callum Finlay, Dave Crees, Rod Tate, Steve Dunn (c), 

G       Chris Brown, Dave Fanthorpe, Kevin West, Graeme Cooksey, Jeff Robinson, Mark Birtles (c). Nigel Dennison.        


Division 4

H        Pete Kaiser (c),  Kacey Henderson, Simon Branston, Dave Mellows, Seth Whitehead.


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