Hull & District League

The Hull and District League is played largely in the Hull area but there are teams from out lying areas such as Barton, Hornsea, Scarborough etc.

There is a wide range of ability within the divisions. We have nine teams in the divisions. Some teams are mixed as we have ladies of Yorkshire League standard.

Hull & District League League Teams 2020/21

Division 1

A) Glyn Saunders (c), Mike Reid, James Crees, Kev Lorne

B) Fi Moverley (c), Kai Bentick, James Bentick, Kev Laughton

Division 2

C) Steve Curtis, Simon Smyth, Ian Scruton, Andy Douglas


 For more information about Hull & District including results, fixtures and league tables visit www.humbersquash.org

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RacketBall Summer League

The Club runs summer leagues which take place from April through to September.

Matches consist of a five minute knockup, then a twenty five minute non stop using American scoring.


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Squash Mini Leagues

If you are interested in playing our squash mini-leagues please complete the sign up sheet here

Matches for the current round must be completed by: 10th December

For this round of matches, please click here to view your league. All contact details can be found on the booking system or in the club WhatsApp group.

The points are as follows:The scoring will be best of 5 games to 11.

Score Points
3-0 6-1
3-1 5-2
3-2 4-3
2-2 3-3
2-1 3-2
1-0 2-1

[excerpts-from-children]The Winner and Last place in each group will be promoted/relegated at the end of each block……so make sure you get all your games played!!!

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