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RankTeamScoreNo. 1Score No. 2ScoreNo. 3Score
1G792Dave Crees269Mike Craven256Kathryn Webster329
2E792Richard Witty248Paul Harrison254Graeme Cooksey311
3I766Martin Garbutt238Anthony B.251Margo Witty306
4B757Kev Lorne237Dot Spradbury204Graham Wise298
5A756James Crees210Mike Earles 195Gill Moverley284
6F754Forsters199Rod Tate180Mark Birtles (H)269
7H705Steve Knowles 164Paul OBrien169Mark Birtles (D)220
8C687Neil Mc.154Paul Webb 151Julie Harrison218
9D664John Webster149Eddie Burns124Pete Bell 207
10J585Chris summers45Laura Huntenburg142
Missing ResultJ V H Week 6
C V D Week 6